What Is An AR-9 Pistol?

Basically, it’s an ArmaLite Rifle style (AR) that is chambered to shoot a 9mm Luger bullet. It is among the latest builds in the market and serves both as a home defense weapon and all-purpose truck gun. The AR-9 is similar to the AR-15 pistol and tend to share a common feature, but they are two different guns, functioning differently and use specific parts for each.

A standard AR-9 is made up of a unique in caliber, and each of the following is 9mm; barrel, bolt carrier group, lower receiver, and the magazine. Other unique features include the AR Pistol Brace and the blowback action functionality.

However, you can always own an ultimate custom AR-9 pistol. Just like car enthusiasts customize different features in their cars, so do gun enthusiasts. Decades back, people were not into gun customization. It is annoying to own a standard AR-9 pistol that does not fulfill your desires. Currently, you can easily tailor your gun to the specific features you desire as long you do it within the regulations provided by the respective governing agencies and laws.

The Ultimate Custom AR-9

The Ultimate Custom AR-9

Why An Ultimate Custom AR-9 Pistol?

People have varying reasons as to why they should own a custom AR-9. Here are some justifications to why gun enthusiasts should have their AR-9 customized:

1. The apparent reason is to own a unique piece of a firearm. A custom AR-9 pistol looks different from the conventional ones. You can easily and quickly identify your gun.

2. A custom AR-9 is enough to say more about your personality or express something about the owner. For instance, an AR-9 that is sprayed with a specific color or pattern symbolizes and means something to the owner. A custom label of the U.S flag on your AR-9 may symbolize your patriotism to your country.

3. It offers better performance and efficiency. Customization entails changing some of the components for your AR-9 to function to that level you desire.

4. You do not have to visit a gunsmith. Customizing your AR-9 is much fun since you pay attention to finer details of the end product. You modify it as you want it.

What Is Unique In An Ultimate Custom AR-9?

As long as the components you are using are designed for an AR-9 and are compatible then you can build a custom AR-9 pistol. For better customization, you should build the AR-9 yourself from scratch with components of your choice from different manufacturers.

For instance, you ought to use ARQ-9 Billet receiver set, aerospace-grade 7075-T6 Billet aluminum upper and lower receiver. The upper receiver can easily bind with the Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel. For better stabilization on your pistol, you can never go wrong with an SB-SBPDW tactical brace.

For the grips on your AR-9, you may consider Hogue Overmolded Beavertail grip. You will easily reach to the competition-style trigger and maintain a firm grip on the pistol while shooting.  Besides, you deserve a versatile and reliable optic for accuracy. You can choose the Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer. For better performance with the 5in barrel, you need a PSA Custom M-Lok micro hand stop. Your hand fits very nice and feels steadfast on the rail.

To enhance functionality in dark places or at night, the Olight 2 Valkyrie 1200 LED light will be of significance. The ETS Clear Glock, 18-31 Round magazine, is also a consistent component for a custom AR-9 pistol. You can go further and customize your firearm using wraps to enhance its physical appearance.  It’s all fun.

People have different taste and building your own custom AR-9 pistol is the only way to satisfy the desire. However, ensure all the components and accessories of your choice are compatible. Besides, rather than buying individual parts, you can buy an AR-9 pistol kit that comes with an AR-9 80% Lower.

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom AR-9?

1. An AR-9 is very short in size, and it’s lightweight. It feels very compact while using it. That makes it a good option for home or self-defense purposes.

2. Shooting 9mm is cheaper. You might probably want to shot all day and still not worry about the cost of ammunition.

3. Also, you can easily suppress this 9mm riffle.

4. It offers multiple contact points; hence you can maneuver easily.

5. It provides so much versatility.


Do you have an AR-9 custom pistol project? There is much fun in building your own gun. A custom AR-9 pistol guarantees adaptability, dependability and functionality at the level of your choice. Depending on your specification, making an AR-9 can be cheaper than purchasing one from a dealer. It is high time you enjoy your second amendment rights.

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