Making a Custom AK-47

The AK-47 or the Kalashnikov Model 1947 is a widely used weapon all around the globe. It’s recognized as a reliable weapon that is easy to operate and maintain. It has a great history as a primary rifle for the Soviet soldiers.

The AK-47 is designed with sharp details, quality metalwork, well-polished, and even neatly sculpted. Can you make a custom AK-47? It is possible to make an AK-47 rifle despite it being a rifle with very unique parts. However, you should pay attention to federal law and state law concerning AKs before taking any further steps.

Unlike its competitor, the AR-15, the AK-47 is picky when it comes to its components. However, there other parts and accessories you can custom to make the gun to your preference. Let’s see how you can make a custom AK-47 and its impact while using it.

Making a Custom AK-47

Making a Custom AK-47

1. Upgrade The Stocks, Handguards and Pistol Grips

A typical AK-47 comes with the stocks, grips, and handguards all designed in wooden materials. Both the handguards and the stocks are short in size, and that can be a big disadvantage for many shooters. Besides, the AK-47 is a tough rifle, and at times, it heats up very quickly; hence you risk burning your hand.

However, there is a solution to such problems. Making a custom gun is the way to go. Today’s market offersa variety of stocks and handguards you can easily fix on your AKs. The wooden stocks are classy, but you need something reliable and comfortable while taking each shot. Depending on your taste, you can go for foldable or fixed options. Bonesteel and Magpul are among the brands that make affordable and quality stocks in the markets. However, you are not limited to your choice.

Do a custom of the handguards with other better materials such as a polymer. Besides, you ought to get the right length that fits your hands. Else, you can go for the M-LOK options, which are also very efficient. You are not limited to choose a variety of colors as well.

It would be best if you do not compromise your AK-47 with unreliable grips. While upgrading your grips, ensure they are comfortable on your hands, have the right angles, facilitates a good finger to hand position, and the material used is of quality. Also, ensure the texture feels right for you, and you can handle it on bare hands and even on groves. Magpul, Hogue Strike industries, and FAB defense have a reputation for making quality grips for AK-47s.

2. Enhanced Safety Selector Levers

Safety is fundamental while using any firearms. An ordinary AK comes with a safety selector that is, in a way, cumbersome. You have to lift your primary hand from the trigger position to engage and disengage the firearm.

However, there are modern safety selectors you can fix in your lever for better experiences. You can easily disengage and engage the selector using your trigger finger without removing your hand from the firing grip.  Isn’t that incredible?

Modern safety selectors will enhance the overall experience. It’s a great feature; you deserve it on your AK-47 all time. Kreb makes such safeties for full autos and stamped AK-47s.

3. Install Muzzle Devices

It would be best if you reduced the recoil on your AK-47 to enhance your shooting. It is achieved by adding muzzle devices such as the flash suppressors, brakes, suppressors, or compensators at the end of the barrel. The primary purpose is to push out gas sideways and up to help counter-recoil while firing.

However, AKs recoils are manageable, but you need these devices for effectiveness, especially when doing a rapid firing.  With the help of other accessories discussed below, it helps you maintain accuracy on your target. Midwest, Primary Weapons, Tapco, Lantac, Manticore, and Epsilon make the best muzzle devices compatible with AKs.  Give it a try as you take the journey of making a custom AK-47.

4. Mount Optics

For many years, the AK-47 is considered as one of the best rifles for shooters. Gun enthusiasts understand this better. One feature that enhance the accuracy, it’s the installed quality sights. However, adding accessories such as an optic will help you explore the full potential of your AK-47.

When you mount a quality optic, you are one step ahead in extending your range. Optics on AKs are suitable for gun competitions, hunting, self-defense purposes, and also snipers. Depending on the needs of your rifle,  you may choose magnified optics, holo sights, or reflex sights. They are capable, but just like any other component, each has a bright side and drawbacks.

Customizing an AK-47 with optics is not only for uniqueness but significantly for the operational performance of your riffle.

5. Upgrade To Softer Triggers

For faster shooting and accuracy, you need to have a soft trigger that is to pull. You need something that feels light and also strong on an AK-47.  Besides, quality triggers are easily adjustable and are durable.

Renowned brands are making reliable and quality triggers for AKs. They include ALG Defense AKT, Elfmann Tactical, CMC Triggers, Arsenal Inc., and Red Star Arms.


Making a custom AK-47 can transform your weapon to your preference. However, while undertaking this process, you need to adhere to the 992(r) restrictions. It could save you trouble from the authorities. Customs guns have enhanced how people want their firearms to look like and the entire functionality. You are not limited to improve your AK-47, take time, and make it happen.

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