Reasons to build your own gun

Reasons to Build your own Gun

Gun Building is indeed an easy process.
But one needs immense perseverance to craft a worthy weapon

Build your guns

The perks of crafting a weapon

Unlike Factory made versions, Custom made guns are very diligent and resourceful.
Personalizing weapons lies in your creativity


Different people hold varying opinions on why they prefer building their own guns rather than buying one from a dealer. Many people continue embracing this approach. Here are the reasons why gun owners prefer building the guns themselves.

How To Build Your Guns

  • One reason you should build your guns, it is an easy process. Besides, there is lots of fun doing it as long as you have the necessary components with you. Here is a simple guide on how to build your gun.
  • Purchase all the components, including frames and receivers from a dealer or online platforms. Also, you may opt for a full kit rather than individual parts.

  • For this article, we shall use the kit that comes with an 80% complete receiver. The remaining 20% constitutes of the internals that you should install to make the gun 100% functional.
  • Kits come with instructions and diagrams illustrating how to carry on the process of assembling. Also, it's inclusive of tools that help you build your gun. There are hundreds of videos online that can help you if you still experience difficulties undertaking the process.
  • NOTE: Understand the class of the gun you intend to make and strictly follow all the laws and regulations by the ATF and your respective state.

How to build your guns


un Safety Tips

uns are dangerous

Guns are dangerous when handled or stored improperly. It poses a risk to the person handling it and even those around them. It's vital to ensure you follow the following safety tips to reduce the chances of a gun accident from happening.


Always keep the gun pointed to a safer direction


Never point a gun to anything that you don't intend to destroy.


Ensure you are sure about your target and what is beyond it.


Keep the gun unloaded if it is not in use.


Keep guns out of reach and sight of children.


Always treat the gun as if it is loaded.


Always use the correct ammunition.


Service your gun regularly


Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of that particular gun you handle.


If your gun fails to fire after pulling the trigger, hold the position for a while, and handle the gun with extreme care until you unload it.

Top Guns to Build in 2020

Since the federal government legalized the building of guns by civilians, there is increased interest and demand to build guns. Also, the 80% receivers are readily available in the markets hence making it easy for one to build a gun. Which are the top guns you can build in 2020?

1. The Glock

You can easily build this pistol using the Polymer 80 kit. Glocks are very common among gun owners. Also, they are very customizable.

2. The AR-15's and AR-10's

The AR-15 and AR-10 series are also common guns among the American community. Different manufacturers make them and their components, and that enhances the availability of all parts one may need while making one. However, with the 80% receiver, it is even easier to build a gun. You are required to finish the 20% to make a functional AR lower. Using this you can make a custom gun.

3. The 1911

This handgun features a simple design that one can quickly build. There is no hassle assembling in the 1911 pistol. The market offers a complete 1911 build kits. Also, aftermarket parts are widely available.

4. The AK's

AK is a common rifle in the U.S. It has one of the most uncomplicated designs ever built in the gun world. With the 80% receiver, you can easily assemble and complete building an AK.

5. Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is known as a reliable, accurate, and easy to use a gun. It's not a new product in the market; hence aftermarket parts are all over and affordable. Also, you can use the Ruger 10/22 80% receiver to enhance the simplicity of the task while building your gun.


Gun Parts and


There are specific parts that a standard gun must contain. They include an upper receiver and lower receiver. However, the following are significant parts of any firearm.


The data stated above applies only to U.S citizens within the legal authorities. This platform is also not responsible for any damages likely to occur while building your gun. Ultimately, it's an individual competency as a user of this information that you understand the ATF guidelines.